Survey about Open Access Publishing

Survey ON ver2

Dear colleagues,

We are a group of young researchers from the University of Novi Sad, Max Planck Institute, University College London and Harvard Univeristy who are keen to make it easier for people like us to publish their work in open access journals and repositories. We are contacting you because we value your input as a member of academic society.

This survey collects information about awareness of open access among students and early stage researchers. The results will be used to help prepare resources, support and advice for students and young researchers in their journey from writing to publishing papers.

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer our questions. We would also appreciate your help in passing the survey on to other students and young researchers who might be interested in contributing.

Survey is created in Google Forms. Please click on following link to open survey:

Many thanks for your input!

Slobodan Radičev, University of Novi Sad
Prateek Mahalwar, Max Planck Institute
Tom Pollard, University College London
Meredith Niles, Harvard University

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